Happy National Donut Day!

In honor of National Donut Day, I want to share my top 3 favorite donut shops!

  1. Pepples Donut Farm
    Pepples makes the best cake donuts I’ve ever tasted, and their ingredients are 100% organic. They have a very wide range of flavors, including Philz Coffee, Earl Grey, and Lemon Poppy Seed. Vegan? No problem! The Donut Farm also has vegan recipes. Individual donuts are a bit pricy due to the high quality ingredients, but I think the treat is well worth it.
  2. King Pin Donuts
    As an undergrad, King Pin was one of my late night guilty pleasures. Donuts are cheap and the shop is open every night until 3 am–YES, THREE! My favorite items are the donut holes, sprinkle donuts, and maple bars. They also have delicious tiramisu and cheesecake in the deli fridge!
  3. Big Bob’s Mini-Donuts
    Big Bob’s now has a food truck! These bite-sized donuts are served piping hot and they are so good. You can choose to have them plain, or covered with powdered sugar, cinnamon, chocolate, or caramel. The truck is often parked at Solano County farmers markets and at the Vacaville Factory Outlets. Follow bigbobsminidnts on Twitter to find out where they’ll be next!
    Like Big Bob’s Mini-Donuts? You can vote for them to win a grant from Chase here.

Bonus: This donut isn’t edible, but it is incredibly adorable!

You know, despite thinking about donuts all day, I actually didn’t have one myself. That’s definitely an A+ for self-control, right?! What about you? Did you have a donut today? What are your favorite kinds of donuts and donut shops? Let me know in the comments!

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