Fruit & Veggie Juice + Gummies

Well, another busy week has come to an end. I happened to fall asleep mid-way through writing this post on Friday, so look out for another double post today!

A few months ago, I bought a juicer and became totally obsessed with it. I was constantly going to Berkeley Bowl to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables, and I was drinking new concoctions just about every other day. My juicing addiction has definitely died down since then, but I expect it to come back in full swing now that summer is here. In fact, my favorite local produce shop is opening up tomorrow! Hip hip hooray!

Here are a few of my favorite fruit and veggie juice combinations:

  • Strawberries and red beets — be careful when preparing the beets, as raw beets are very hard to cut and easily stain
  • Carrots and apples, with a hint ginger
  • Apples, cucumbers, kale, and spinach — use more apples for a sweeter taste, or stir in some agave nectar
  • Pineapple, orange, and mango

I also stumbled upon this recipe for homemade gummies using freshly squeezed juice. Sounds awesome, right?! I’m planning to try it out this evening with strawberries and raspberries!

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