Skinfood Milk Mild Cleansing Foam Review

Skinfood Milk Mild Cleansing Foam

  • Packaging: The Mild Milk Cleansing Foam comes in a slim, squeezable tube with flip top. The cute graphic, information, and ingredients are printed directly onto the surface–yay for no pesky water damage!
  • Scent: The fragrance is very light. I think it smells like a combination of honey and baby powder.
  • Texture: This product looks and feels like your standard foam cleanser: white, creamy, and silky. Add some water and it lathers up really nicely.
  • Experience: This product just knocked off Skinfood’s Egg White Pore Foam as my #1 favorite cleanser. I use it as the second step of my double cleanse routine and can immediately feel the positive effects. It makes my skin feel clean, oil-free, soft, and smooth. In fact, last night I fell asleep before I could complete the rest of my skin care regimen (serum, moisturizer, etc.), but I woke up with my face still feeling soft and moisturized! In addition, like most foam cleansers, a pea-sized amount should be enough for your whole face, so one 150 ml tube lasts a long time.
  • Rating: Definitely 5/5! This is a very gentle cleanser with great results.

Since I love this product so much, I’m planning to incorporate more milk products into my skin care routine. Curious to see what else milk can do for you? Check out this article for some tips!

14 thoughts on “Skinfood Milk Mild Cleansing Foam Review”

    1. Yes, I love it! I live in the Bay Area so I was able to purchase it at the Skinfood store in Valley Fair (San Jose). There’s also a Skinfood store in Stonestown Galleria (SF), or you can purchase it online. I will get back to you with some links later!


      1. Ahh okay, i don’t live in the US so there are no Skinfood stores around D: Any links would be greatly appreciated! I couldn’t find any. Thank you so much!


        1. Actually, when I search this product online, I can’t seem to find anything either. Maybe it’s quite new? :/
          What I can do is recommend another Skinfood foam cleanser: Egg White Pore Foam. This is one of Skinfood’s most popular items and it works great. It gives you a deeper cleanse than the Milk Mild, without drying out your skin. I’m planning to do a review on it soon!
          Anyway, you can purchase it online at Soko Glam or YesStyle:

          Let me know if you have any questions about it 😀

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          1. That’s okay! Yeah i think it might be quite new as i can’t find it on the official website either. Thank you for the recommendation! I’ll try it next time i buy a foam cleanser 😀


  1. I recently bought the product #InLove. The smell is amazing. Is there a routine that I need to follow when applying it? How long do I keep it on etc.?


    1. Yes, I love the smell!
      There’s no set routine. It can be used as a regular face wash, or as part of a full skin care regimen. If you’re planning to do the double cleanse method (oil cleanser followed by foam cleanser), this is a great product for the second step.
      For all foam cleansers, I recommend applying a small amount to wet hands, then gently lathering it on your face in circular motions. I typically give my face a massage for 2 minutes, then allow the cleanser to sit for another 2-3 minutes. Wash off with warm water, followed by a cold water rinse to tighten your pores.
      Let me know if you have any other questions! 🙂


      1. Im considering to buy it later as my daily facial foam, but im afraid that is stripping my face moisture. Do you feel any tightness or dry after using it?


        1. So sorry for the late response! I sometimes do experience slight tightness after using this cleanser, as is common with most foams. It is not too drying, but you should definitely follow with a good moisturizer. In my opinion, this foam cleanser is a lot milder than others I have tried.


  2. im cosidering to buy this product as my daily cleansing foam, but im afraid it stripping natural moisture from skin and make it dry. Do you feel any tightness and dry after using this product?


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