Becoming a morning (workout) person

Hello there, readers!

This week I’m introducing a new monthly feature called Workout Wednesdays. I read A LOT of health, fitness, and workout articles online, but often don’t think twice about them after closing the browser tab. These posts will highlight some of my favorite finds throughout the month, and will hopefully inspire you (and me!) to try some new activities or routines.

Let’s get started!

Early to bed, early to rise

My worst habit is going to bed late, which is why my #1 goal this summer is to become more of a morning person. In order to accomplish this, I have three main targets:

  1. Make cardio a morning exercise
    Why? Cardio gives me the biggest energy boost, which I need earlier in the day. I also often skip it for a multitude of reasons: evening yoga class, long workday, dinner plans, etc. You can find my quick cardio playlist posted below!
  2. Plan workouts and track activity
    Why? I love to plan things and I always have a written to-do list, so why not add my workout routine to the calendar? If the task is on paper, I’m more likely to complete it.
  3. Be in bed by midnight
    Why? I really just need to sleep earlier.

I might need some help from my dear friend, Coffee, but I’m confident that this shift will result in more productive days and restful nights.

Check out these awesome tips from Greatist to help you start your own morning workout routine. My personal favorites are #8 (prep your clothes–and a playlist) and #11 (splash yourself). My own June 2015 playlist is right below this section! I also highly recommend having a healthy snack or freshly squeezed juice for post-workout.


Flatten your belly

Try this circuit workout from Women’s Health to get a tight stomach this summer. I’m trying to incorporate it into my workout calendar!

Morning yoga

I started taking yoga classes a few months ago, and I now use basic yoga poses to warm up for all of my workouts. Yoga is also a great way to get your day started. For a quick beginner morning sequence, check out this video from Brett Larkin & Greatist:

4 thoughts on “Becoming a morning (workout) person”

  1. Don’t forget to include strength training! People often forget to do it and instead incorporate too much cardio. Not saying that you will do the same, but just in case (Cassey Ho gives great easy workouts, if you would like to know). Great post!

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