How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes (Like a Pro)

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Daily Makeover

If there’s one makeup rule you need to follow, it’s to learn how to clean your makeup brushes—and do it frequently.

Keeping your brushes, sponges and beauty tools clean is consistently the #1 piece of advice that makeup artists give, and for good reason. Not only are dirty tools less effective and have a shorter life span (and if you’re spending good money on your brushes, who wants that?) but they are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria.

We’re not saying that if you don’t clean your brushes, you’ll get a drug-resistant staph infection. But the odds of something unpleasant happening to your face—acne, rashes, aggravation of existing skin conditions like keratosis pilaris, eye infections—increase exponentially if you don’t observe good makeup hygiene.

Get into the good habit of regularly cleaning and maintaining your products, and your face (and health) will thank you! Since we’re all about cleaning and organizing our makeup-loving lives, here’s…

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