I have too many avocados, tomatoes, and green chiles

A collection of recipes featuring avocados, tomatoes, and green chiles

Many of my cooking adventures are inspired by leftover ingredients that I need to use up. This week, those ingredients are avocados, tomatoes, and green chiles. Sure, I could throw them all together and make a delicious, spicy salsa, but you have no idea just how much of each of these I have–and I’ve run out of tortilla chips.

With that being said, here are some recipes that I plan to try out this weekend.

For the tomatoes —

We experienced several early heatwaves this summer, causing our tomato plants to ripen quickly and all at once. We actually harvested the last batch of fruit two weeks ago and have already removed the bushes. (Translation: There are still several bowls and Ziploc bags of cherry tomatoes in the fridge right now.)

This Buttered Brie and Heirloom Tomato Toast from Half Baked Harvest looks and sounds amazing. Fortunately, I happen to have some extra brie in the fridge that has been sitting idle for the past week.

Half Baked Harvest - Buttered Brie and Heirloom Tomato Toast
Photo from Half Baked Harvest

For the avocados —

Growing up, I really didn’t like avocados. I would take them out of my California rolls and I wouldn’t touch guacamole. Somehow, somewhere along the way, I started loving avocados in college. These days, I just can’t get enough of them, which usually results in buying way more avocados than I can consume (especially when they’re on sale).

Avocado toast is one of my favorite breakfasts. It’s so quick, easy, and tasty. My favorite combination is plain, mashed avocado on toasted Acme Olive Bread, topped with a little bit of sea salt and black pepper. Yum! From The Kitchn, here are 11 Easy Ways to Fancy Up Your Avocado Toast. On my to-try list: Indian Egg Avocado Toast (soft-boiled egg + garam masala and Esquites Avocado Toast (corn salad + lime).

This Curried Chickpea Salad Sliders recipe from Love and Lemons is vegan-friendly and gluten-free (just take away the bread). The salad also reminds me of avocado hummus, which I love.

Love and Lemons - Curried Chickpea Salad Sliders
Photo from Love and Lemons

For the green chiles —

I recently received a tub of green chiles from New Mexico, and I’ve barely made a dent in it. (Did you notice them on top of my blackened fish tacos?)

This Pepperoni Pineapple and Hatch Chili Pizza from Joy the Baker is the recipe I’m most looking forward to making this weekend. Considering how much I like pineapple and jalapeño pizza–yes, that’s a thing–it’s sad that I didn’t think of this on my own. I’m also very thankful that Joy posted a pizza crust recipe, because I’ve been looking for a good one. (I have tried out many of Joy’s recipes and they are all wonderful, so I have no doubt about this one.)

Photo from Joy the Baker
Photo from Joy the Baker

Did you find any new and exciting recipes this week? Share them with me in the comments!

These links were discovered and curated late on Friday night. I then proceeded to fall asleep within 3 minutes, as documented by Skype, and I woke up roughly 3 hours later to a battery-drained laptop. Thank you, Google Chrome, for restoring all of my unsaved tabs.

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