Julep Maven August 2015 Unboxing & Skip the Brush Review

Earlier this month, Julep revealed the Muse Montreal Collection. The collection features “an inspired polish palette of urban brights, uptown neutrals, and a shimmering dash of je ne sais quoi.”

At first glance, the nail color selection is nothing special. Yes, the palette is pretty and glittery, but all of the colors look very similar to past Julep shades. In fact, 7 out of 9 polishes from this reveal reminded me of ones that I already own. So, while I (obviously) did like the palette, I was very close to skipping this box.

Then, it caught my eye–the new Skip the Brush Crème-to-Powder Cheek Sticks. I really wanted to resist, but I’ve been obsessed with highlighters and cream formulas lately. I’ve also been eyeing NARS The Multiple in Orgasm for a few months now, and Skip the Brush in Golden Guava reminded me of that. I was sold.

My August 2015 selection: Classic with a Twist box + 3 add-ons

Julep Maven August 2015 Full Order

The Classic with a Twist box came with Penny, Ann, and Skip the Brush in Golden Guava (choice of 4 shades). Penny is a “burnished bronze metallic,” while Ann is a “passion punch ghost shimmer crème.” There was also a small surprise inside–two sheets of metallic temporary tattoos. I especially love the leaves and chevrons, and am looking forward to using them as nail decals!

Julep Maven August 2015 Classic with a Twist BoxI also ordered 3 add-ons with this box:

I’m very excited to try out the jelly polishes and do a jelly sandwich manicure. I also received Lee as a free gift for ordering 3 add-ons.

Julep Maven August 2015 Add-Ons

Skip the Brush (Golden Guava) Review

According to Julep, “Skip the Brush goes on creamy, gives you plenty of time to blend how you want, and then sets for long-wear.” See the simple instructions and tips here.

Julep Skip the Brush in Golden Guava

Here’s my own swatch of Golden Guava–formula streaked out and very gently blended. Click here for the full set of swatches from Julep, which includes all 4 Skip the Brush shades on different skin tones (scroll to about halfway down the page).

Julep Skip the Brush Golden Guava Swatch

  • Packaging: Like all Julep products, the Skip the Brush packaging is very simple. It is basically one stubby, twistable crayon.
  • Scent: Unscented. (But how amazing would that be if it really smelled like guava?)
  • Texture: The cream formula goes on smooth and blends very well. It is non-sticky.
  • Experience: I am very happy with this product. The stick glides easily across the skin, and the formula blends flawlessly. The blush is also long-lasting; I applied it in the morning and it stayed put throughout the entire workday. Lastly, the cream delivers smooth, buildable coverage, making it great for both day and night looks. I plan to keep this gem in my handbag from now on. It’s perfect for adding quick bursts of color–not just to your cheeks, but also to your eyelids and lips.
  • Rating: Definite 5/5. I think this is the best makeup product that Julep has released so far. I haven’t been impressed by their eye and lip products.

All photos were minimally edited in order to accurately represent the products shown.

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