Beauty Bunny Giveaway Time!!! (USA RESIDENTS ONLY)

Another great giveaway. I really want that Tarte lip gloss!

Beauty Bunny

Hi, Bunnies!!

So I have been planning a giveaway for this blog for a long time! I’m just way too excited to give you guys some free stuff! I hit 200 followers last week so I thought this was the perfect time to celebrate and for me to show you guys how much I LOVE YOU!!!!

This giveaway is only open to my USA followers! Hopefully the next one will be open to all my Bunnies around the world! I still love my international followers, I just have no idea how to send you a package!

I put together a giveaway with a mix of full sized and sample sized products that I’ve been collecting! Here’s all the stuff the winner of the giveaway will be getting!


You can win:

  • A full sized Lancome Bi facil makeup remover (best makeup remover EVER)
  • A deluxe sample of Lancome’s Creme Radiance Cream…

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