Eat all the Korean food

Featuring a map of my favorite Korean eats in the Bay Area

This week’s food adventures included:

  • Overloading my shopping cart with stacks of banchan at Koreana Plaza
  • Eating way too much at the Ohgane lunch buffet
  • A late night dinner of ramen and dumplings
  • Trying the new Berkeley boba spot U Cha for the first time (yuck)
  • Indulging at OB CHICKEN

Now, when I say we indulged at OB Chicken, I really mean it. For three girls, we ordered ganjang chicken, 1/2 fried chicken, 1/2 yangnyum chicken, corn cheese, and spicy chicken feet. My three guy friends, who have pretty hefty appetites and also happened to be at the restaurant, ordered one plate each of ganjang chicken and labokki for their whole table. Like, seriously? (To be fair, they ordered bowls of rice and we went home with a full takeout box of leftovers.)

Eating is one of my greatest joys in life. What can I say? I just really love food. I mean, that is the reason why this Food Fridays series exists. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be making some custom Google maps comprising my go-to eateries.

This week’s featured map: Bay Area Korean Food Guide

Bay Area Korean Food Map

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