It’s baking season!

When the wind starts to chill and skies are overcast, it’s time for me to pull out the baking pans.

After a week of burning hot temperatures, today was surprisingly mild and gloomy. When I woke up and looked out my window, I almost instantly thought cupcake weather. (What’s going on California? I wanted to go to the beach or a barbecue this weekend.)

To mark the unofficial start of the fall season, I wanted to share some of my favorite go-to recipes with you all, as well as some new ones that I’m excited to try.

Old favorites —

Photo by Love & Olive Oil
Photo by Love & Olive Oil
Photo by Love & Olive Oil
Photo by Love & Olive Oil
  • I made a variation of these Hazelnut Cappuccino Cupcakes today, substituting the hazelnuts with coarsely ground almonds. While the frosting was chilling, I actually turned half of the cupcakes into jam-filled cupcakes (pineapple preserves and guava syrup!) and the result was pretty tasty. (To clarify: The filled cupcakes were topped with vanilla buttercream–not cappuccino, because that would be gross.)

On my baking to-do list —

Oh, Fall, I’m so excited that you’re here ❤

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