Make Up Expiration: When to Trash your Stash…

Karen from Confetti and Curves posted this extremely useful guide to makeup expiration. Check it out!

Makeup Expiration

As many of my already know, I’m a huge fan of having a damn good clear out so recently I decided to tackle my bulging cosmetic drawers as it was pretty apparently the contents were breeding at a rapid rate or I was turning into a drug store hoarder.

Needless to say my vanity area is looking much more presentable *click here* if you’d like to check out the post where I ramble all about it! However in the interim of sorting out my stash I was horrified at the amount of dried up, cracked, flaked & WELL beyond their expiry date items that I’ve been harbouring (for not just months) but years. That’s right ladies… YEARS! *hangs head in pitiful shame* Needless to say this kick started me into really taking note of cosmetic expiration dates – and how obliviously ignorant I’ve been towards them. It begs belief how…

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