Blue Bottle Coffee Bonmac Pourover Class

Bringing this back because I bought myself a Bonmac dripper (Amazon) for Christmas 😀

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Class Signups at W.C. Morse Café

Last week, I discovered free coffee classes from Blue Bottle Coffee at the W.C. Morse building in Oakland, CA. I’ve actually been quite interested in making my own drip coffee (looking at you, Chemex), so I signed up for the Bonmac Pourover Class without much hesitation.

[Click here for the full list of available classes and locations.]

You don’t need any prior experience to attend this class. I had none. In fact, let me break it down for you:

  • Professional barista experience — None.
  • At-home brewing experience — I can operate a basic coffee maker. Also, instant coffee.
  • My idea of drip coffee — Place dripper over a mug. Add filter. Add coffee grounds. Pour 8 oz. of hot water over the grounds. Wait for all of the coffee to drip out. (Surprisingly, I’m actually not too far off in terms of the concept.)

Bonmac Pourover Setup Bonmac Pourover Setup

About the class

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