Drink with me!

A printable water intake checklist, plus tips for increasing your water consumption. Get hydrated with me in the new year! #goals

bkr Glass Water Bottle
photo source

As I mentioned in my 2016 resolutions post, my main goal this year is to stay hydrated. I often forget to drink water, especially while I’m at work, and only realize it after it’s too late.

In an effort to achieve this goal, I have created a simple water intake checklist which you can download and print out for yourself. The checklist is based on the common recommendation of 8 glasses of water per day.Printable Water Intake Checklist

[download the pdf here]

I was originally going to stamp dots in my planner, but 1) I ran out of blue ink, and 2) stamping 8 x 366 days by hand is a lot

In case the checklist isn’t enough motivation, here are my favorite tips for increasing water intake:

  1. Add fruits or herbs. I personally like lemons, limes, oranges, pineapples, strawberries, and mint.
  2. Use a pretty water bottle, such as the bkr (shown above) or Lifefactory glass water bottles. [Lifefactory water bottles are on my list of 2015 favorites.]
  3. Drink through a straw. Straws can be so fun, especially bright and bendy ones!
  4. Try sparkling water. I’m a big fan of LaCroix.
  5. Download a tracking app. I had success with Waterin for a little while, but eventually lost interest in it. I’m hoping that the paper checklist will work better for me since I love writing things down.

If you decide to use the checklist, let me know how it works for you! I’d also love to hear your favorite tips for staying hydrated.

14 thoughts on “Drink with me!”

  1. This was actually my resolution for new years last year and ever since I’ve been making it a point to get the right amount of water in. I used water reminder apps on my phone but your chart is super cute as well! It also helps to have a cute tumbler to drink out of so that you want to keep drinking lol

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    1. Ahh, I drink so much soda! I actually turned to sparkling water initially to curb my water addiction. Which flavor of La Croix did you try? I’ve only tried the strawberry & pineapple one so far.

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        1. Hmm, I’m not sure! I haven’t tried those. I liked the strawberry & pineapple one, but my mom thought it tasted like beer lol. I just bought a pack of the passionfruit one today. Hopefully it tastes good!

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