Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Body Oil Review

You might recognize this body oil as one of my favorite items from 2015. I spontaneously purchased it from Sephora last autumn without reading any reviews–risky, I know, but I am very fond of Too Cool For School (TCFS). Upon using the mousse-to-oil moisturizer for the first time, it immediately became my holy grail product for dry skin relief.

Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Body Oil

Description and directions from the box:

Cutting-edge meringue-like mousse hydrator: a new-school lifesaver for dry skin!

+ Light-as-Air Formula: This decadent, airy mousse instantly calms and hydrates rough skin into cashmere-soft skin.
+ Nutrient-rich Botanical Oils: A cocktail of 5 botanical oils* nourish, enrich and condition skin, penetrating deeply to create a protective moisture barrier without clogging pores.

[How to Use]

Shake the product well. Pump an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand and apply liberally all over your body and massage into the skin. Re-apply any time for extra hydration. Be sure to cover the lid after use.

* The 5 botanical oils are sweet almond oil, avocado oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and marula oil. This product also contains shea butter, honey extract, and milk protein extract. Unfortunately, it is not paraben-free, as methylparaben is listed in the ingredients.

For more details and the full list of ingredients, check it out on the Sephora website.

Packaging: In my opinion, Too Cool For School has some of the best packaging in the beauty industry, especially when it comes to their Dinoplatz line. The outer packaging is a peach-colored box, with illustrations very similar to those on the can. The product itself comes in a pressurized container with pump, similar to shaving cream. The pump requires a fair bit of pressure in order to dispense the mousse and there is a clear cap to protect the nozzle between uses; pump and cap not shown above (sorry), but can be seen here.

Scent: I normally don’t like scented products, but I absolutely adore the smell of this! It reminds me very much of a designer perfume, although I can’t figure out which one. Nonetheless, the fresh floral fragrance is not overwhelming, even when you apply this product all over the body.

Texture: As stated in the description, this is a mousse-to-oil moisturizer. The mousse is very light and airy, kind of like soap suds. When the mousse is spread and massaged into the skin, it instantly turns into oil. The product is super lightweight and leaves skin with a pretty, hydrated glow. It does not give an oily look or feel, which is a huge plus.

Experience: Obviously, I love this stuff. I have extremely dry skin, especially on my legs, and Egg Mousse Body Oil has worked wonders for me. After showering, I liberally apply the product all over my body, and it keeps my skin moisturized until the next day. The formula is amazing and I love that it contains so many nourishing ingredients. I will definitely be purchasing more of this in the future.

Rating: For me, this is definitely a 5/5. However, if you have sensitive skin, beware of the fragrance. The presence of methylparaben also doesn’t bother me, but might be a turnoff for others.

Do you use a body oil? Send me your recommendations!

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