Beauty Box Korea Review

A review of the new online Korean beauty retailer, another Skinfood x Snoopy haul, and more!

Two weeks ago, I posted this announcement about the Skinfood x Snoopy collection and placed an order with Beauty Box Korea. My package arrived yesterday afternoon and I could not be more pleased with it!

Review of Beauty Box Korea —

Site navigation: The site is very easy to navigate. Everything is written in English and the prices are listed in USD. They have a huge selection, as well as a product request page. It looks like they’re still working out some minor details, but I have not encountered any issues.

Payment: You can pay via PayPal, credit card, or bank transfer.

Prices: As I mentioned in my announcement, their prices are extremely competitive. A large selection of sheet masks are priced under $1, from popular brands such as Tony Moly, Aritaum, Innisfree, etc. Most items are offered at a discounted price, and there are also coupons and reward points.

Shipping: Shipping costs are comparable to other online retailers. There are two options: EMS and standard shipping by weight, with the latter being the cheaper option. My package weighed 780 grams and shipping cost $14. The estimated shipping duration was 7-35 days, but my package arrived in just under 2 weeks. I placed my order on the 12th and the items were shipped from Seoul on the 13th. The items arrived at LAX on the 20th and were delivered to me (North Bay Area) on the 25th.

Packaging: I am so impressed with Beauty Box Korea’s packaging. They really take care to ensure that the products will arrive safely. My items were delivered in a brown cardboard box, which was fully protected with clear tape along all of its joints and edges. The box was taped up so well that I actually had difficulty opening it up (not a bad thing). Inside, each item was wrapped with bubble wrap.

Beauty Box Korea Review

These are the A’Pieu sheet masks that I ordered, along with a free sample pack. Seriously, how adorable is this packaging? I am in love.

Beauty Box Korea - Cute Packaging

Promotions: For new members, Beauty Box Korea is offering a new membership discount (10% off) and free gift ($5 coupon). These cancelled out the cost of shipping for me. As you shop, you’ll also notice that certain items offer reward points. Reward points can be redeemed after your order has been delivered.

Rating: Without a doubt, 5/5. I’m very, very happy with Beauty Box Korea and will definitely order from them again. The prices were great, the products arrived in perfect condition, and they also included a lot of samples and a free gift. Keep reading to see the free gift and the full haul!

Skinfood x Snoopy Haul, Part 2

Beauty Box Korea Skinfood x Snoopy Limited Edition Value Set

This is the Limited Edition Value Set that I ordered. It includes the Peanuts-embossed Royal Honey Cover Bounce Cushion, Royal Honey Good Moisturizing Cream, Marshmallow Hand Cream, Propolis Nourishing Lip Oil, and limited edition Snoopy & Woodstock pouch. The pouch is printed canvas and cushioned on both sides. I also ordered Innisfree Skinny Long Long Cara mascara, which I’ve read great things about.

I was really excited that Beauty Box Korea had the Skinfood x Snoopy clutch, which is a printed red leather pouch with black interior. I did not pay attention to the dimensions, and it turned out to be much bigger than I expected (300 x 220 mm). I’m actually very happy with the size, as I think it will be super useful for work and travel.

Skinfood x Snoopy Limited Edition Clutch

Here it is with my Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 for comparison:

Skinfood x Snoopy Limited Edition Clutch with Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

I also ordered a bunch of sheet masks, which were cheap and did not affect my shipping cost.

Beauty Box Korea Sheet Masks

And these are the free items that I received with my order:

Beauty Box Korea Free Gift and Samples

The Missha Bubble Maker looks like it will be super fun to use, and I can’t wait to try out all of the samples! Thanks, Beauty Box Korea!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out my my original Skinfood x Snoopy haul from Tester Korea.

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    1. It is quite high, but the discounts and coupons pretty much cancelled out the shipping for me! I also found that their product prices were low enough to balance out the shipping fee, especially when compared to total cost for the same items from other vendors 🙂

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