A Maple Girl: 300 Followers Giveaway!!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar giveaway!

Stacey Lee Beauty

Hello everyone!!

I have recently reached 300 followers on my blog! I cannot believe it! I know that 300 isn’t a massive number but I’m so proud of myself for doing something that I enjoy and of all the new friends I have made through this beauty blogging world. It really is amazing to be able to connect with people all over the world through a mutual love of beauty and lifestyle!

So, to show my appreciation for all the support and love that you all have shown to my blog and myself, I have decided to host my first giveaway! Yay! The winner will receive a Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette of their choice**! I figured since they are one of my favourite series of palettes, I would share one with you! The choices are between the Original Chocolate Bar, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar or the Bon Bons Chocolate Bar.

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rachelmariiiebeauty: Almost There! (100 Follower Giveaway)

Support this fellow beauty blogger! She is almost at 100 followers and will be hosting a giveaway once she reaches that milestone.


Hello lovelies!!

I can’t believe I’m almost at 100 followers!!!! We’re less than 20 followers away. I’m so grateful and happy.

I want to do a 100 Followers Giveaway (US only for this first one – I promise to expand for future giveaways!!) for all of you amazing bloggers and friends who have followed me and supported me throughout this new adventure. I’m loving the blog world, and I know that my adventure with beauty blogging is just beginning! So this is to thank you for all of your support. ♥  The giveaway will include mostly beauty and skin care products, but I may add a few random items as well.

To help me get there, please share/reblog this post and help me spread the word! If you share/reblog this post, you will get an extra entry in the giveaway!! (That means reblog on WordPress, reblog on Tumblr, or share…

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